Isara foundation was founded in 2005 by Kirk Gillock from Texas. Isara is based in Nong Khai on the border to Laos in North Eastern Thailand and first started out as a campaign to provide free motorcycle helmets to school children. Today Isara runs projects in several different areas such as education, safety and environment and also has a free Learning Centre in Nong Khai were they teach both children and adults in English and computers. Isara is now also running volunteer program called Free Volunteer Thailand, sending volunteers to teach English in schools around Thailand

Isara is a non-profit charity and website, meaning that simply using their website as your browser homepage or for your google searches you will help to fund the foundations different projects. All the funding and donations goes directly to the Isara projects. This is a big part of Isaras philosophy, that it should be free to help and that nobody should profit from charity. That is why volunteering at Isara also is for free.

You can also join Isaras online community where you can read blogs by the volunteers, participate in discussions in the different forums, post on the wall, upload photos and much more.


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