“The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said”

I finally got paid today. The last weeks have been horrific, filled with paranoia, mistrust and suspicion from my side. If my boss had been honest and clear with things in the first place, he would have saved me and himself a lot of energy. But it is over now. I got the rest of my pay. It is safe and secure in my bank account and I feel 5 kilos lighter today as a whole lot of weight came of my shoulders. Now we only have to worry about getting our deposit back from our land lord, meaning we have to try even harder, and cross our fingers really good, for somebody to want to take over our flat starting from December.

I can without doubt say now, our three months in Thailand the coming spring, is secured now. It will happen! We won’t have to cancel. It really makes me feel so great.

Twelve days until returning to the UK. Then there is exactly three month until departure for Bangkok. I seriously can’t wait. I feel content!

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