“The third time you say a thing it sounds like a lie”

We need to find somebody for our flat in order to get the deposit back. 475 €, which is a lot of money for us at the moment. Our landlord has always rented his studios and apartment both for short and long stay, which makes it easier to find somebody. And we did find a very nice girl who wants to rent the flat for one month. Now the land lord says no! Now he says he only rents this apartment for long term contracts.

I feel very disappointed. Not only is the apartment very small, it is also very expensive, making it very hard to fins somebody, especially this time of the year.

Continuing talking about money. My now ex boss was supposed to call yesterday about my delayed pay. He didn’t and he didn’t pick up when we called him either. Today Alex was doing marketing in one of his hostels and my boss was there. After 14h tomorrow we are going to meet him and I will get my pay. Sounds great right? But I don’t trust him. He might as well not show up. He might as well be lying.

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