How the economic crisis made me fall out of love

I haven’t been working now since the 5th of November. As I mentioned in a recent post I’ve had 3 jobs here in Málaga since we came back in July this year. I haven’t been very lucky this time in Málaga and I don’t know if it is the economic crisis the country is going through or if I just have had the bad luck to have had very unfair and mean bosses.

When it was time for my second pay at the hostel were I’ve been working in September and October, my boss didn’t want to pay me the wage we’ve had agreed on. To explain the whole situation I also have to mention that when I was interviewed he promised me that I would get a contract the day I would start working. It is very common in Spain for employers to hire people without contract, and it’s been even more common during the years of economic crisis. For seven weeks I was asking for my contract. Everyday my boss or my managers would tell me “tomorrow”, until one day, on the 24th of October, I was working the morning shift and got caught by a work inspection.

I’m not going to go in to any details about it, but my boss ended up having to pay a 6000 Euro fee for having illegal workers in the hostel (me) and I got the blame for the fee (the fee is the minimum fee) as he expected me to have lied about the time I had been working for him. So, time to get paid. He very clearly let me know that I cost him a lot of money (referring to the inspection) and he went on about stupid things why I shouldn’t get my full pay. Without getting in to any details, he insulted me quite a lot. He ended up paying about 60 % of my salary, and after quite some discussion with him he promised me (in front of my boyfriend) to pay me the rest the end of THIS month. Furthermore he decided he didn’t want me to work for him any more, although he by law (after the work inspection) had been obligated to contract me. It ended with him forcing me to voluntarily hand in my notice, or I wouldn’t get my whole pay.

Absolute crap I say!!! I still haven’t gotten paid. His last words to my boyfriend, who saw him the other day, was that he will call tomorrow (Monday) and that he will pay me. He owes me 780 Euros.

All this came down to me and Alex deciding that we are leaving Spain early. We are going to England on the 3rd of December, to hopefully work and save up the rest of the money for Thailand, where we are going in early March for three months. I can’t wait. I only hope that everything turns out fine before we leave Málaga; that I will get my pay, that we will find somebody for the flat in order to get our deposit back and so on. Work for Alex in England already seems to be sorted, so that’s good.

I honestly can say that I won’t be back in Málaga for quite some time. I’ve come to an end and the crisis is making me fall out of love with the place. So much unfairness. Were life is heading next I can’t say. Three months in Thailand will probably be a good time to figure things out.

Tomorrow is Monday! Cross your fingers that my boss will pay me someday this coming week.

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