Change of plans

Things are going a lot better at the place were I’m volunteering but I’ve still decided to go travel instead. Or actually, I’m going to my paradise island to detach myself a little. It feels like the right thing to do right now. I am leaving Nong Khai tomorrow night and will arrive in Bangkok on Thursday morning. I called Lamphu House today (were I always stay) and they have a room for me. I will rest for a bit there and then go and by a government bus ticket to Ranong, where my ferry leaves from.

Today I went with Goy, Kaa and Jenn to a public school were they held a helmet campaign. It was good fun and afterwards we went with a policeman for lunch at a fish restaurant outside the town. Free lunches are always appreciated. Goy started crying when I said I’m leaving and I tried to explain it is not her fault. Poor lovely Goy. I might come back though, as I only need to detach and stress down.

So on Saturday I will arrive to my lovely little island where I will walk barefoot every day, read in my hammock, enjoy lovely sunsets and go for nice swims in the sea. Doesn’t sound to bad does it?


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