My bag weighs….

I’m not posting here very often at the moment. I’ve had no good ideas on what to write about except for my preparation for the trip. In exactly one week I’ll be up in the air, flying to Bangkok, with an about 2 hour transit at the airport in Istanbul. Not long at all now.

I’m feeling slightly anxious but mostly exited. I was contacted by a recruiter in Bangkok, about a teaching position in May and she wanted to Skype with me yesterday, but I was in London yesterday so it couldn’t be arranged. She mentioned she want to meet me in Bangkok before I head up to Nong Khai, but now I haven’t heard from her since Sunday when I had inform her I couldn’t meet with her on Skype yesterday. She did write that she will try to contact me this week, although she is travelling this week to different schools in the south and she wasn’t sure she would have access to a good internet connection. Anyhow, I guess, that if we don’t managed to meet, it is not to bad on my part as I don’t feel ready to meet for an interview so soon. It kind of stresses me as I arrive on the 1st in the afternoon and the meeting would be on the 2nd (my only day in Bangkok to recover from the long flight)We’ll see what happens.

From what I’ve read it’s easier to land a job in Thailand once you’re there and my plan is to spend the second half of April visiting schools and language schools in Bangkok and around. I probably shouldn’t limit myself to Bangkok if I really want to land a job, but it is my main choice.

I’m all packed. My bag is slightly heavier than normally. It usually weighs 10-11 kilos on my departure, always containing shampoos and other things that most people by on their arrival (I like to bring my own favourites). At the moment my bag weighs 11.2 kilos and I need to add a bottle of shampoo and conditioner and a skirt for interviews, that I’m about to buy. I’m guessing 12-13 kilos when I’m done. Is that much? Anyhow, I’ve packed more clothes then previous trips. As I mentioned before: the idea is to avoid buying to much in Thailand, to keep a low budget.

Well, this was another diary like post. I hope to post something more interesting once in Thailand.

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