It’s been a while

It’s been way to long since my last blog entry. I’ve not really been busy, but I’ve been to Sweden for three weeks and I haven’t fet like posting anything. My mind has been occupied with preparations for the trip and by doing research on teaching and living in Thailand. I also asked myself many times if I’m strong enough, and if I have the right will to manage to MAYBE spend about 4-6 months being separated from my boyfriend.

The ideal situation would be to move to Thailand together which means I’d have to wait until at least September 2012, meaning I’d have to come back to the UK in April and try to get a job here. That just feels wrong. I’m not happy here and and it would feel like a waste of time and money to go home and save up for a new flight and spend a lot of money in England, when I can stay in Thailand, start something new for myself, and obtain a feeling of doing something that I really want and something that matters to me. My boyfriend will eventually come here. He just has to finish UNI in June and work for a little while to save some money.

The bright side of me staying in Thailand is that IF I get a job, I’ll hopefully be prepared with an apartment and  and a job and my boyfriend could just move in, get settled, do a TEFL course and start applying for jobs himself. He’s native and will surely have an easier time finding teaching jobs than I’ll have.

Tomorrow there’s only three weeks till departure. Sadly I haven’t finished my TEFL. I only have the grammar exam left but I haven’t studied very much. I didn’t get around to it in Sweden. There were always people around and I couldn’t find peace and quiet. I’m spending today studying and I’ll spend quite many hours tomorrow too, and my plan is to feel properly prepared on Wednesday. So wish me luck. My grade on the main TEFL course is an A and I hope to obtain that on the extra endorsements too. I’ve got a 93 percent on the Young Learner endorsement and a 100 percent on the business learner endorsement and  would love to obtain at least 93-95 on the grammar exam to obtain an A in total, but the grammar course is difficult. If I only new that the exam would be filled with gap questions I know I would manage, but there will be questions about pointing out predicates, modal phrases and such things, making it quite difficult. I don’t even know those things in Swedish grammar, nor in Spanish.

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One Response to It’s been a while

  1. Kathy Gillock says:

    Good luck Malin!! You can do it, I know you can!

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