Travel Fever

In Sweden we have a word for the exciting, nervous and thrilling feeling one can have before going on a trip. We call it travel fever. I’m definitely suffering from travel fever now, and quite a bad one. I’m experiencing an excitement and longing, that kind of turn in to anxiety and doubt once in a while. Nothing to worry about really, as this is a normal state for me before going on a trip.

My worries and nervous feelings are normally based on a fear of flying, missing connection flights, when having short transits, and such things. This time it is slightly different. I am going to volunteer. Teach kids. Will they like me? Will the other volunteers like me? I love meeting new people as that is a big part of travelling, buut as a traveller you choose who you make friends with. That is probably my strongest weakness, worrying about such a thing. It’s quite silly too as it, in 9 cases out of 10, always turns out really good. I wonder why that is, that I always worry about these kinds of things? I have travelled a lot, I lived/live abroad, I’ve had many different flat mates and so on. There’s really no need.

About staying in Thailand. My travelling fever is making me worry about that too now when time is closing in on me. It is more real now than before. It has always been a dream. How hard will I have to try to get a job. Where will I end up? South, north east, north west, central, Bangkok, east or west? Town, City or rural? The best thing is probably not to worry at this stage. First of all I’m going to be volunteering for 1 month, and then I’ll travel for some weeks. Alex will even come over for 24 days. Job hunting will not really start until April, after Songkran, although I’m preparing everything now. I’ve written down addresses and emails to most Language Schools in Thailand, I’ve bookmarked several ESL web pages and I read several blogs and articles about teaching in Thailand, I’ve done a TEFL course and I’ve read about what difficulties I might meet applying as a non-native etc. I’m probably as prepared as one could be.

I can’t help to wonder how severe my travel fever will be the days before my departure. I’ll probably have nightmares about my rather short transfer in Istanbul. I read about Ataturk Airport being an airport of chaos, with long cues and a lot of waiting. I’m used to fast and smooth transfers, and this time I really need it. I look forward to flying with Turkish Airlines though. First time! I’ve only heard good things about them. Supposedly they provide great service and food. If somebody have any experience of short transits at Ataturk Airport, please let me know if it is really as bad as the rumour.

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4 Responses to Travel Fever

  1. Ray says:

    Hi Malin, you’re such a worrier, which makes you seem very sweet! You will be fine. Someone who cares as much as you do will easily make friends. I was like you before I flew to Ecuador, I almost wanted to back out at the last minute; but what fun would that be? I was the same with Thailand, too.

    I wonder if you would like to work for money here some time? There are plenty of jobs, and the language schools are often easier for non-native speakers.

    If you have any questions, don’t fail to get in touch. I can always help you with job search.

    • Hi Ray,

      You’re right. I’m a kind of a worrier, especially when I’m about to do new things. It never stops me though, as it is kind of a thrill for me, and I do know that things most of the times turn out really good. I’m looking for paid teaching positions, but not until April/May 2012. As you know already, I’m going to volunteer in February and then I’ll travel for a few weeks with my boyfriend who’s coming to visit. After Songkran I’ll start applying, mainly in Bangkok, but probably everywhere I can find interesting positions.

      Do you know any language schools in particular, in Bangkok, accepting non-native teachers. I’m not worried about my accent. It’s pretty good. I just have to convince the Thai people hiring that I have a native fluency speaking English and a very neutral accent.

      Thanks for taking time to read my posts. I appreciate it! 🙂

  2. jameswakeling says:

    Fantastic blog, I have just been reading through it and looking at the photos and its just like diving into another world.

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