Times fly and and I fly with it

I took the day of today and went in to town for some shopping. Spent yesterday afternoon in town too, buying some things for the trip and a few Christmas presents. I finished 15 out of 16 modules on the TEFL course so I feel very relaxed and stress free at the moment. What’s left is a quite advanced grammar exam. I’ve read through half of that module so far, but I’ll probably need to read it at least twice or even three times before I dare to take the exam. I’ve got time though, so no stress.

I am feeling anxious as I wrote in my previous post. Anxiety mostly coming from excitement. Time is passing very fast now. On Sunday I’m off to Sweden and from there time will just fly. It’s going to be great to go home. My first Christmas with family since 2007. A nice surprise is that my brother, with girlfriend and kids changed their plans and are celebrating Christmas eve with me, my mum and my dad. Christmas is after all most enjoyed by the kids, and I love the fact that I’ll get to see those lovely faces smiling while opening their presents. I only spent one Christmas with my niece, and she is almost 6, and actually non with my nephew.

I got my Christmas present from Alex today. A mp3 player. My iPod is from the stone age and the battery does not last for very long. Bought a new lcd screen for my  old Lumix, so hopefully I can use that camera in Thailand, if I manage to change the screen myself, that is. I bought a newer version of that camera last year but I don’t like the colours is the photos as much. They come out much more vivid with the old one.  Actually my old Lumix is amazing for being an ultra compact camera.

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