Slowing down…

It feels very nice to have slowed down a little. I feel very comfortable in my decision regarding the tourism course. For once I am putting my health before my studying and I am going to fight hard to ignore any feelings of bad conscience, which I know will appear every now and then. It is tiring to expect so much from oneself and always wanting to perform at your best.

I finished module 11 in the Tefl course today and made it half way through module 12. I was about to start writing the essays for that module, but stopped myself, reminding myself I am supposed to slow down. So I did, and got a little bored and studied Thai for an hour. I seriously need to get to Thailand now and use all this energy I have, by helping others.

Alex parents were here over the weekend. It was lovely. The weekend included some road tripping along the coast outside of Liverpool, rainy walks with their greyhound Rummy, the best Chinese food  I have ever had, at a random Chinese restaurant located in no man´s land (industrial weird area), Paul Kappa rocki’n at Cavern Pub and Spanish food at Tapas Tapas where Alex works. Sunday afternoon before they drove back to Essex: I cooked a panang curry with king prawns and veggies in oyster sauce.

In a few months time I will be this relaxed. I can’t wait.

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