I made some changes in my daily schedule, eliminating the amount of studies I have to do every day. I feel I made a good decision I have considered quitting the tourism course for some time now as it is to much work for the level it represents. The course has got many complaints from students and I am not the only drop out. Although it is not a big deal for me, as I already have my degree and this course basically is a repetition of the course I did during spring.

I have very high expectations on myself and therefore I can´t help feel like a failure. I have been scoring extremely well up till now and that made my decision even more difficult to make. It’s been three days since my decision and I am already feeling so much more relaxed. And I have support in my decision which is very crucial for me, to not get to much anxiety about it.

Now I can concentrate in finishing the TEFL a little bit faster. I’m already working on module 11, meaning I have 11, 12 and 13 left on the original course and then I have 3 extra modules to do on top of the others.

Lets see for how long I will feel bad for quitting….


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