Thank you Air Asia and thank you my mum and dad!

I bought a flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani yesterday. Udon Thani is a town close to Nong Khai where I am going to be volunteering in February. The original plan was to travel on the night train from Bangkok to Nong Khai, but as Air Asia had a sale I couldn’t resist the opportunity to arrive rested to Nong Khai on the 3rd of February instead of being zombie like. I sleep very bad, or I don’t sleep at all on night buses and night trains.

This means I had to book an extra night in Bangkok, so I will now be spending two nights there before heading north east. A good choice as I no longer have to stress when I arrive in Bangkok to get train ticket sorted, get some shopping done on very limited time and also get some rest. Instead I will just chill on the 1st of February, which is my arrival date. I arrive in the afternoon, I will check in to the hotel, eat something, meet up with Emma for dinner or a drink and go to bed early. On the 2nd of Februayr I’ll now have the whole day to do what ever I need, and that includes: some shopping, massage, a lot of street food and a second night of good sleep.

Best of all is that I ended up not paying a single penny for the flight and extra hotel night. I got i as an early Christmas present from my parents. Thank you!!!


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