We’ll meet again in Thailand

During all time spent in Thailand the last 6 years I have of course met many wonderful people. I am very excited about this trips as I will encounter with a few of those I have met previous trips to the Kingdom. On my arrival on the 1 of February I will meet up with Emma and her boyfriend. I met Swedish Emma the first time in April 2009 when I went for a 21 day holiday to Koh Tao on my own. When I returned to Thailand Autumn 2009 Emma was there travelling again and for Christmas we met up in lovely Pai. This time we will only meet for one night as she and her boyfriend are flying home to Sweden on the 2 of February. Although I am very happy to get to meet her again. I mean, when you don’t get around to meet in Europe, why not meet in Thailand?

Another wonderful person I will be reunited with this coming trip is Sara from Madrid, Spain who lives in Norway. I met Sara on our secret paradise Island where she was working as a divemaster for some months. Now she is back there again, until end of April. I will meet her sometime in March, on the island where you don’t wear shoes (not even flip flops) ever.

A third person I will meet again is Swedish Sandy who  lives outside of Pai with her Thai boyfriend since some years back. I met her in her and her boyfriends art shop/tea shop in Pai and spent many lovely days drinking Chai and chatting with her. We also went to Pittalew art festival together on my last night in Pai, which was a lot of great fun. She also gave me some names of people to hook up with on the paradise island (she used to live there) which was good help for me and gave me a very authentic and great experience when I got there.

These people I know I will meat, but there are a few others I hope to meet, but it is not as certain. Those are Utt, Tu, Nong and a few more.

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