Christmas plans

I am not the biggest fan of Christmas or any big holiday in particular. Christmas is a lot of stress and expectations I definitely could do without. I have not celebrated Christmas in my country for a few years now. I have celebrated it with friends in Spain, in Pai in Thailand and with my boyfriend’s family in England. This year I am going home. But isn’t it typical that it is only going to be me, my dad an my mum, when I for once go home.

In Sweden the celebration day is Christmas eve, the 24th. That is when we gather with family, have Christmas lunch and dinner and open Christmas presents. Not to forget, a real Swedish families watch Donald Duck and other short, old Disney Cartoons at 3pm on the 24th. The same program has been aired since the 60s or 70s or something like that. It is tradition. Donald Duck 3pm!

Anyhow. Me and my parents. My brother, his girlfriend and their kids will pop by daytime, as they are going to spend Christmas eve with the girlfriends family this year. They swop every two years. And my sister is not coming as she will celebrate Christmas in Norway with her boyfriend and his family. But who am I to complain? This means Christmas will be nice and quiet.

On the 25th, Christmas Day young people gather and go out partying together. This is a big tradition where I am from. Those who live in other cities and towns come back home and meet with their friends. It is probably one of the busiest days of the year for many bars and night clubs in Sweden. Most often you have to buy tickets in advance to even get in to the clubs. I don’t I stay at home. Most of my friends live in other cities and I actually don’t like the big fuss around it. Am I getting old and boring?

New Years eve is also going to be a quiet night. My sister and her boyfriend are coming to stay at my parents and there will be New Years dinner and some quiet celebration and probably a walk down to the big town square for fireworks at midnight.

Seems like it will be a pleasant holiday this year, although I would rather spend it on my paradise Island in the warmth.  Next year!!!

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5 Responses to Christmas plans

  1. Jan Nilsson says:

    Don´t forget to buy a Christmas present to Dad…;-)

  2. What sort of Donald Duck cartoon? Is it the Christmas one with Scrooge? And is it in Swedish or English??

    (btw, I’m Gina Fish from Isara) 🙂

    • There are many different old and often in the end a some new shortened disney clips. I will try to see if there is any on youtube. It’s dubbed to Swedish so the small kids can understand. Normally we subtitle.

  3. If you can find a youtube video of Donald Duck speaking Swedish, I would like to watch it. hehe!

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