Lamphu House at Soi Rambuttri

My first night in Bangkok I always want a good night sleep. My favourite guest house is Lamphuhouse at Soi Rambuttri in Banglamphu area, fairly close to Khao San Road. The staff is amazing and very helpful, food is great, and prices are very good for what you get. It is super clean and the beds are nice. A double bedroom with private bathroom, hot water and fan costs 520 Baht a night, while one with shared bathroom costs 400 Baht. If you want A/C prices are between 630 and 980. The most expensive room is a 2 double bedroom. They also have triple rooms.

Although I prefer eating street food while in Bangkok, I can recommend the food at the guesthouse. The prices are good and the food is tasty. Furthermore the guest house has a small travel agency (I never used it) and a luggage storage for 10 Baht a day. You can leave your luggage there for months if you want to. Perfect if you have a lot of shopping you don’t want to bring with you everywhere. Last year I found a Israeli guest house further up the Soi Rambuttri with a massive luggage storage only charging 5 Baht a day.

If I have stopovers in Bangkok during my trip I normally walk around looking for single rooms charging no more than 150-200 Baht a night for a single bedroom and maximum 250-300 Baht for a double bedroom, but then I will most likely share bathroom, get an uncomfortable bed with suspicious stains on the walls. At leas if you are staying close to Khao San Road and Rambuttri. 500 Baht is about 11 Euro or 10 Pounds.

Right outside Lamphu House my lovely friend Uttu (Man to the right) hangs out, selling his lovely paintings. I’ve spend many night there chatting, eating good food, sharing a few beers with nice conversations and laughs.

About a week ago I made an online reservation for a double room, with private bathroom and fan for 520 Baht. I will stay one night in Bangkok. I arrive around 2pm on the 1st of February 2012 and I’ll probably be at my guest house at 4pm at the earliest. And the night after I plan to be on a train to Nong Khai. A very quick visit in Bangkok. During this time I’ll by some new clothes, buy a train ticket to Nong Khai and have some awesome street food. There’s no time for anything else.

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4 Responses to Lamphu House at Soi Rambuttri

  1. Kathy Gillock says:

    The next time I’m in Bangkok I’m definitely going to stay at Lamphu House. Did I do the conversion calculation right? The nightly cost is only $16.63 US dollars? Thank you Malin for sharing your best keep secret place. 🙂

    • That should be about right Kathy, about 17 dollar, a little less. It is a simple guest house, but clean and considering what you get it is cheap. They’re always full though so making a reservation online is a must. You book through their webpage by going to contact, filling in arrival date, what kind of room and so on. At this point you don’t pay. You will get an email a few hours later. It is a confirmation email with a code and a link attached. You press the link, fill in the code and do your payment.

      Sometimes when booking through their contact form, it looks like it does not go through. I normally send them and email afterwards to confirm my details and get the code.

      • Kathy Gillock says:

        Thanks Malin, this is all valuable information. I’ve bookmarked your blog entry and will do as you suggested when the time comes. I hope I can make a trip to Thailand in 2012. 🙂

  2. Lily says:

    Do you remember by any chance what the Israeli guesthouse that stored luggage was?

    And do you know if Lamphu will store luggage even if not staying there? (For a fee, of course). Thanks!

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