How are things going?

I posted a one year plan here some weeks ago. Unfortunately there are some things in it that I have been very lazy about lately. Bad planning maybe. For instance: I don’t meditate. One reason is that I have gotten a little turned off by the Buddhist Centre. Second, I have been so busy I have forgotten about it. Both reasons are bad excuses. I don’t have to attend to the meditation classes to meditate. They only speak about how miserable and greedy people are rather then teach us new meditation techniques. I can do it on my own. Second: being busy with studying and being very stressed is a good reason to meditate and clear my mind. I should definitely get on it again tomorrow.

I don’t study Thai. For that I have a good excuse. I do not have time. I hardly have time to do the tourism course and the Tefl so for now practising Thai has to wait.

For those who take an interest in reading my blog: I will post more in the future.

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