Life changes

I am not posting much at the moment. The reason is I am feeling very distracted. I am very excited about having less then three months left until my departure for Thailand, and that is great, but my plans have changed a bit and there is a lot more preparation and planning needed than before. I have to make up my mind about certain things and what ever I decide the decision will be huge and life changing. Not that I am not used to change. I do life changing things all the time, but this time it feels bigger, because I am aiming to full fill one of my greatest dreams, whether it will be this next spring already, or next autumn.

But one thing at the time. First I am going to volunteer for Isara,  and I am so thrilled about that. I am starting to get nervous about the teaching part though. I have never taught a class before. Anyhow, I am sure it will be a wonderful experience and I know it will fill my heart with a lot of warmth and happiness making a difference. I am also really excited about the environmental projects they have going on up there. The new recycle centre seem to be a success and that is just amazing.

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