Here and here you can read about my one year plan and the decision I have made to full fill my dreams. There are a few steps before I get there and how long it will take me to reach my dreams kind of depends on how I approach this. I could be there already in April/May if I want to, but that wouldn’t be fair to somebody special in my life as I see it. He doesn’t look at it like that though. He thinks I should go for it if that is what will make me happy.

Anyhow…another step is to do a TEFL course. I have to do that. I guess most of you understand now where this is heading. What my plan is. If you know what a TEFL is so to speak. There are three ways I can do this. I can do an online TEFL course now before I head to Isara. I don’t need it there, but that way can have it done and start putting some more energy in to planning and I will not have to much do to before I put my plan in action…or….I can do the TEFL course, online, when I come back from Thailand after volunteering and travelling. That would be in April. My third option is to do the TEFL course in Thailand, which is more expensive but has its advantages as I will get more training and so on.

Most people seem to support me in this. Everybody knows that I am going to Thailand to volunteer in February and to travel for a bit. I, going to Thailand is not a surprise to anyone and I don’t think it will be a surprise that I want to go there more long term either. In fact, a friend of mine, when I told her about my teaching plans, said; “Malin, that is a really good idea. That is what you always wanted. You are it, with Thailand. That is you!” I doubt my parents will have the same opinion as they worry sick every time I am over there, but I have to let that go over my head. I am over 30 and I have to live my life and full fill my own dreams.

I would do the TEFL course now, but I am doing a distance learning course from UNI in Sweden, and it is quite intense, so I am worried I would not manage doing both. But I am very tempted. Doing the TEFL now would make me feel that I am on my way. So more, I will feel when I go to Thailand in February to volunteer in Nong Khai with Isara.

I have a problem. I am so excited about all this. Excited about volunteering with Isara, excited about going “home” (yes Thailand feels like home), excited to actually have a big dream I am very determined to make my life. And I am lucky to have a boyfriend who understands me and pushes me and has no problem with me going away for a while this winter. And when it is time to work out the big dream, he wants to be part of it. Couldn’t be more perfect could it? But it is a problem. I am over excited. I am so excited and want this so much I get anxiety and get frustrated that I am not there now. I want it to start now already. The anxiety often turn in to doubt. I can’t have doubts. That is an obstacle. I don’t want obstacles.

I have been doing some serious research the last week and I am more certain than ever that I will get a teaching position if I want to. Now, this might not be until next autumn as I feel it is fair to wait for my boyfriend who has commitments until beginning of next summer. But I want to be prepared and the research is also something that makes me feel more confident in my decision. I had my old UNI make a degree for me in English and I ordered some university transcripts of the courses included in my degree.

I have been thinking about this for years and I have felt doubtful because I ended up reading blogs and articles about the difficulties finding a teaching position in Thailand nowadays if you are not a native speaker. But hey..my English is really good and as long as I really want this it will happen. There are many Swedes and other nationalities like Dutch people teaching English as a second language. Swedes are known for being quite fluent in English and I know my English is better, especially orally, than most Swedes. So if I can get the Thais to understand that I will be fine. My boyfriend is a native so he should not have problem at all when time comes.

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5 Responses to TEFL

  1. Daniel says:

    You do not need a tefl to teach in thailand, especially if you have a degree. The qualifications you need to get a job here, 1 be white 2 speak english 3 be ‘good’. That’s it.

    You should wait until you get to Thailand before you make decisions like this. Honestly, you will save a lot of money.

    One month volunteering at Isara is equal to any tefl course in preparing you to teach.

    • Hi, I do know I want to be in Thailand. I have already spent over one year in the country and 1,5 year in South East Asia in total. So I made the decision already a few years ago. I want the TEFL just because many times, especially in Bangkok it gives you a better pay check at the end of the month. It is not so much about the training as I am going to teach with Isara this winter. I am very lucky to get to do that 🙂

  2. grammyjinlx says:

    I’m a ‘native-speaker’ EFL teacher and know from experience that there is no equation such as NS = good teacher of English.
    NSS = bad teacher of English.
    To be able to teach anything you need either to know your subject AND be able to transmit that knowledge to others. I think doing a course will really be very helpful to you I deduce you haven’t taught anything else- as it will give you some idea of where to begin and how and why and a few ideas of what not to do.
    Best of luck to you.

    • Thanks for commenting. No I have not taught before. At least not a class. But I have a lot of experience learning a new language myself. I don’t count English in this case as I am Swedish and we learn the language at a very early age. But I have learnt Spanish from scratch as and adult, in Spain, with Spanish teachers, only speaking Spanish to their students. But I have given some smaller private English lessons in Spain. My thought is that, even if I don’t manage to get a paid teaching position in Thailand, for being non-native, it will still be well invested money. I will improve my pedagogical skills, my English for sure (both vocabulary and grammar) and I will be a very good volunteer this winter.

  3. grammyjinlx says:

    Sorry – I needed to take out the word ‘either’ !

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