I’ve reached a conclusion

I have been feeling very restless and frustrated lately. I am so happy I am going to Thailand in three months, to volunteer at Isara, and to travel for some time. But that is only a temporary solution to my dream. It does not complete it. So I have spent quite some time figuring out how to reach my dreams and I have come to a conclusion.

– I have to stop being afraid.

I know that I seem far from scared of doing big things in life as I lived many years abroad, travelled a lot on my own and so on,  but I am still scared. I am scared of making my biggest dreams become my life. Some of that fear is slowly going away.

I am not going to write too much about what my exact plan is as I have to sort some things out first and make the plan more sustainable. But it will come true.

Well, one of the goals on my way to start living my big dreams is volunteering for Isara and today it is exactly three months until my flight departures from Manchester with destination Bangkok and from their taking the train to Nong Khai and Isara. My heart beats really hard when I think about it. It is going to be the greatest thing I have ever done. The most selfless thing in my life and it is going to be the beginning of my new life. I am definitely on my way to become a better version of me.

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11 Responses to I’ve reached a conclusion

  1. Kathy Gillock says:

    Go for it Malin!! You can do it!

  2. ammusree says:

    Really liked your post..

    Live the LIFE you have imagined.


    • Thanks for your positive comment to my blog. Yeah, life is to short to waste being scared and waiting for something better to happen. I don’t want to regret not trying to live my dreams when I am old and retired. Am going to check your blog out now. Looks awesome 🙂

  3. lrntn says:

    Congratulations on taking these steps! I’m sure you will not regret it. Trite to say this, but looking back, I’ve never regretted anything I’ve ever done but have regretted things I didn’t do, and opportunities I didn’t seize. So do seize the day and keep Thoreau’s quote in mind !

    • Thanks. There is some doubt still and they scare the sit out of me. Mostly about if I can do it or not. But one thing is sure, I have seen to many opportunities go by me during the years and I don’t want to sit there when I am old and be bitter about the things I DID NOT DO. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  4. mariel ferrer says:

    Hi, I am also leaving for Isara this coming february! hope to meet you! good luck!!! what you are doing is wonderful! I can’t wait for February!

    • How wonderful to meet somebody now already that is going to Isara at the same time as me. I am sure we will meet. I get there early Feb and will stay in Nong Khai for a month before doing some travelling. I look forward to meeting you 🙂

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