Christmas plans

Today I bought a flight to Sweden. I am going there for Christmas. It will be the first Christmas I celebrate with my family since Christmas 2007. That was quite a while ago.

In 2008 I celebrated Christmas in Málaga. I celebrated with a bunch of friends in a hostel where a few of them worked. We had a big dinner with about 30 people (not hostel guests) in our circle of friends.

In 2009 I was in Pai, Thailand. In Sweden we celebrate on the 24th and not on the 25th like in many other countries. Christmas day in Sweden, is just the day after, and it is also the day when young people get together and go to the pubs and clubs at night. In Pai I spent Christmas eve with Emma, a Swedish girl I met in Thailand in April 2009. It was a very quiet night with dinner and a few drinks.

Christmas 2010 I celebrated in England with Alex’s family. I was suppose to go to Sweden. I even had a flight ticket. But I ended up in the hospital in Seville for about a week due to a bad throat infection,  known as quinsy and I missed my flight. My only option was to stay on my own in Seville for Christmas or go with Alex to England. So I chose England and then I flew from there to be with my family after new years.

This year I hope nothing will stand in my way. I was a little bit annoyed that the only good flights were for three weeks. My plan was maybe 1-2 weeks in Sweden. But it will be ok. I have to see it as a perfect opportunity to spend time with my parents, brother, sister (who is coming for New Years) and my niece and nephew. I was thinking boredom when the only option was staying for that long, but I decided to change my way of looking at it and instead appreciate the fact that I get to be with loved ones for so long. If I would have been working at the moment I would not have been able to go for a week even. Or maybe not at all, as there are not that many flights. I should also see it as an opportunity to meet up with some old lost friends. Every year I say I should do that but in the end it never comes down to it.

Anyhow, this will be my first Christmas in Sweden for some time now and I should enjoy it as much as possible. And then, when I come back to the UK the night on the 6th of January, there will only be about three weeks until I go to to my dear Thailand.

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