Emptiness and Seven Wonders

So I wrote yesterday that I was going to write about the course at the Buddhist centre. I can say that the course was on a very advance level of Buddhism and taught emptiness. It was a lot of praying in forms of songs and we did one meditation where you were to find emptiness in your mind imagining you don’t have a body. As I don’t call myself a Buddhist (yet)it was hard for me  to participate in and absorb everything. I enjoyed the course but left with quite an head ache and so many unanswered questions. Furthermore, I don’t understand why Buddhist worship Buddha like he is a god, as he was a simple man who actually said that one should not believe his words, but try and practice them and then make up ones mind. So I had to Google it after the course.  I found that Buddhist worship Buddha and pray out of respect for the great person that Buddha was.

Anyhow. The course. The teaching were about emptiness and I am sorry but I can’t explain the concept, as it is still very confusing for me, and probably will be for quite some time. If you want to read about emptiness in Buddhism you can do that here.

Last night I watched the Documentary Seven wonders of  the Buddhist world, which I strongly recommend. It is a very fascinating documentary where historian Bettany Hughes travels to the seven wonders of the Buddhist world and offers a unique insight into Buddhism and it’s different paths.

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