How climate changes our needs…

After having lived in southern Spain for the last 3,5  years and after having travelled to Asia for several month almost every year since 2006 it is quite a big change to be living in England. England has never been on my list of countries where I want to live. Being Swedish one would think that I should be used to the rain and the cold, but it is very interesting how fast warmth and sunshine 300 days a year become the most natural things, even for a Swede. Getting used to the cold and the rain and the cold again, that feels a lot more difficult. All though, moving to England I kind of prepared myself mentally not to expect any good weather at all which seems to have been a good thing as I am now appreciating the few moments of sun we get here in Liverpool.

What is mostly driving me nuts living in the north again is how few hours I spend outdoors and what that does to me. I am used to spending more hours outdoors then indoors most of the year. It also depresses me a little how much more attached I am becoming to material things. My material needs are a lot bigger when spending so much time indoors. I consume a lot more and I NEED my home to be filled with nice things. In Spain I did not even own any furniture and I was fine renting a furnished room in a shared flat. I did not need fancy things in the same way.

We don’t have a TV. The main reason is that our need to watch TV is not very big. During my years in Spain I hardly watched any TV. I do wish I could liberate myself from Internet in the same way. I think I might make that my next mission. I felt very good about myself when I did not have internet for a longer time in Spain and when I did not go online at all during two weeks on an island in Thailand. At first it drives you nuts and you feel cut off from life until a very nice feeling of freedom hits you.

That is probably why I like travelling so much, and in particular in countries like Thailand. I am fine with my half full backpack for months. You learn to appreciate the simple things in life, especially when realizing you don’t need things, and observing that people in those countries are doing just fine without three laptops that we happen to have in our flat at the moment.  Good thing is I am doing the meditation course making me realize how I am just fine with smaller things and why my aim in life is to live a simpler but so much more fulfilling life then western society is offering. Even spending some time in England motivates me as it is reminding me of what I want and what  I don’t want in life. So meditation and bad weather is mind opening I would say.

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