My one year plan

October – February 2011/2012

  • Meditate 5-7 days a week, at least 5-10 minutes.

  • Improve my Thai

  • Learn more about meditation

  • Go to Sweden for Christmas

  • Watch Spanish films in order to not forget the language

February – April 2012

  • Fix my teeth in Thailand

  • Volunteer for Isara

  • Practise the Thai language

  • Make connections in Thailand and inform myself about how to make it possible to move over there in the future

  • Enjoy and not stress

  • Do a yoga course in Thailand

April – May 2012

  • Find a job in Liverpool and start saving money

April – August 2012

  • Start taking meditation classes again and participate in more courses.

  • Do a 120 hour TEFL Course online

  • Save as much money as possible

  • Invite my mum to Liverpool

  • Make a short visit in Málaga in summer if possible

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