Late for my flight!!!!

I woke up this morning due to having a nightmare. I dreamt I was at the airport, about to go to Thailand. I fell asleep and missed my flight. I was in great panic in the dream and I actually woke up by an airplane flying over our house.  It was not a scary dream but it was a very stressful one. And I don’t do that kind of stress very well. I never missed a flight in my life, nor have I been late for one. I actually am one of them arriving earlier than needed.

Talking about Thailand, today there are 144 days until my flight. Seems like forever but I know time will pass very fast and before I know it I will be there. I am very excited about going to volunteer for Isara. Everybody volunteering there seems to have the time of their lives and they seem not wanting  to leave. It must be a very special organization. And I am sure it is, because only being a member of the community feels great.

I am thinking about my next subject for the blog. I might write about travelling and distance decay. That is part of my studies right now and it is very interesting. Google it or simply wait for my next post here.

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