Our move to Liverpool

We moved to Liverpool last Saturday, meaning I have slept four nights here. The days here have been quite intensive. We arrived with Alex parents in car (a five hour drive from Essex) three in the afternoon. We met with the landlord, signed the contract on the flat and paid deposit and rent. Then we brought all the stuff up to the apartment from the car. We went to IKEA where we bought quite a lot. The apartment is partly furnished. It already had a sofa, some bar stools, a bed and a small wardrobe. So we bought, among other necessary things, a coffee table, a small dining table and chairs, a side table, mirror and lots of things for the kitchen.  The apartment is really pretty and I will upload pictures as soon as I have a fixed internet connection. I am on a mobile broadband now and it is quite expensive and I need my megabytes for University.

We went back to IKEA on Sunday and bought some things they were out of on the Saturday. We also drove around the city center in car with Alex parents looking for an Asian food supplier. There are many small Asian supermarkets but the one in particular that we were looking for is a little bit bigger. We found it close to China Town. I bought Penang, red and green curry paste, fish sauce and oyster sauce, a bottle of sauce for making Pad Thai, rice noodles, coconut milk and a big bag of Jasmine Rice.  It feels nice to be in a country where finding good Thai ingredients is not a problem. In Spain it was difficult and I always had to bring something from Sweden.  They had quite a few imported fresh veggies for my curries so I will pay a visit soon. Tonight I am making Pad Thai for me Alex and his friend Miguel from Spain.

Monday we went to Tesco and Home Bargain and bought a lot of groceries and other necessary things for the apartment and yesterday we walked in to the city centre, (about 45 minutes walk) where I found (believe it or not) hippie cardigan and vest paradise in Primark. That it was extremely cheap did not make it less pleasant. I bought an orange knitted vest (hippie style) and a black lose blouse for only 13 Pounds. The blouse was suppose to cost eight Pounds but ended on costing only three Pounds. We also bought a good chopping knife in TK Max. Then we met up with Alex friend and co-worker Miguel from Madrid. We had a coffee at Tapas Tapas where they work and they we went for a tea in a nice bohemian café/restaurant. Obviously they have open microphone nights there every Tuesday. It seems interesting so next week we will for sure go there.

Today is study day for me. I am quite behind. I have to make a quiz with 20 questions at the latest on Sunday and I have to pass 10 questions at least. Then next week there is an assignment including three questions and a group discussion. Know I am reading about the history and definition of Tourism and next week it will be about mostly international tourism, travelling flows and changes. Every Sunday I have a deadline of some kind, so it is going to be very intensive. Even more then during the spring when I at least had two weeks of only reading in the beginning of every module, giving me more time to reflect over the literature before starting with the assignments. Anyway, it will be just fine.

My meditation and yoga plans are pushed a little bit to the future. But it is not further away then next week. Moving and everything has put me a little bit behind with my studies and I have to catch up.

Hopefully next week I will have a less personal and more interesting blog post for you guys.

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2 Responses to Our move to Liverpool

  1. teagirl86 says:

    Welcome to Liverpool! It’s an amazing city 🙂

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