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The new mass tourism

It is said that a new kind of mass tourism is developing. It will no longer only be the  the rich people from the west who travels anymore. In India, China, South Korea, Thailand and other countries in Asia the … Continue reading

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Late for my flight!!!!

I woke up this morning due to having a nightmare. I dreamt I was at the airport, about to go to Thailand. I fell asleep and missed my flight. I was in great panic in the dream and I actually … Continue reading

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Our move to Liverpool

We moved to Liverpool last Saturday, meaning I have slept four nights here. The days here have been quite intensive. We arrived with Alex parents in car (a five hour drive from Essex) three in the afternoon. We met with … Continue reading

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The tuk tuk scam

Tuk tuk’s are an iconic symbol of Thailand offering visitors a three wheeled  taxi.But be aware. As a tourist you will most likely be cheated and ripped off. Somebody described the tuk tuk’s as having the shape like a deranged … Continue reading

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