Meditation and Yoga

I have been saying for quite a while now that I wanna learn how to meditate. I did some free classes of different kind of medidation and breathing classes when I was in Pai in north western Thailand and I really liked it. Being a quite stressed person I am quite sure that meditation and learning how to breath would be good for me.

We just found a flat in right next to Sefton Park, Liverpools biggest Park. Lovely area. I went on google to see if there were any yoga centers close to there as we are gonna be about 5 kilometers from the city centre of Liverpool and I found this just five minutes walk across the park, from our flat. A meditation center offering classes for about six pounds and they also to longer half day courses for about 20 pounds. I am definitely checking that out.

I also found several yoga centers in the city centre. I only tried yoga once in my life and I am planning to take a class at least once a week.

New academic year, new city and a whole new country. Perfect opportunity to start doing new great things.

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