Bring your water bottle

Why you should travel with your own water bottle:

First of all you never know when you might get thirsty. I am going to give you a few other reasons to bring your own bottle.

Buying new water bottles everytime you get thirsty is not very good for the environment. It takes between 450 to 1000 years for plastic bottles to biodegrade. Plastic waste is a growing problem.  Refilling you water bottle might be difficult in some places due to for example bad tap water.  So what can you do is to buy a bigger waterbottle containing maybe five litres and use that one to refill your own water bottle or maybe a smaller already used one.

Another thing about plastic bottles and why you should bring your own water bottle  is that plastic bottles are not really recycled, they are down-cycled, meaning that a plastic bottle will never be another plastic bottle. It will be processed and become lower grade plastic. I read somewhere that for example Thailand alone is littered with up to a billion plastic water bottles. But those water bottles are also an issue in more developed countries.  Single use water bottles have even in some places been banned to be sold.
So pass this message on to other travellers, your family and your friends. Maybe you think that your contribution will not make a difference, but it does. Every single peace of single use plastic we save is a victory. The more each of us takes notice and leads by example, the greater impact we will have. If two people go on a trip together for two weeks to a tropical country and if they drink one bottle of water each a day it adds up to 84 bottles which can end up clogging land fills or being strewn across the landscape.
Take a look at Isara’s environment projects in Thailand.
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