Much happening

I know. I have not gotten around to posting that blog about water bottles and travelling. To much happening now and I am honestly feeling rather stressed. Got back to my boyfriends parents house in Essex, Uk just two days ago after 2,5 weeks at my parents house in Sweden. Saturday the 3rd we are suppose to move to Liverpool, and that is very soon, and we don’t have a flat yet. It will probably work out just fine, but I am not at all a big fan of waiting until last minute. I am sure I will stress down as soon as we find a flat and actually move in. Then I can start looking for jobs for real and start looking forward to 31 of January when I’ll go to Thailand again.

My Uni Course (distance learning) starts  on Monday. I guess the first week or two will only be reading weeks. That’s good as we have the move and everything during end of my first study week.  There is one module in particular that I am looking forward to this course. For those who don’t know, I am about to do a second Tourism Uni Course as a complement  to my Bachelor degree in Sociology. Well, anyway…the module I look forward to is about Eco-Tourism. I am sure I will have some interesting things to blog about when my course start.


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