In between

Right now I am in a situation I strongly dislike. I am in between things and nothing is happening and there is not much I can do. I lived in Spain for the last years and in two weeks I am moving to the UK with my English boyfriend. We left Spain already on the 31st of July and since then we have spent some days in England with his family and now I am in Sweden visiting my family since 9 days. My boyfriend went bacdk to England today to prepare for the move and to spend more time with his family.

So! I am moving to Liverpool in the UK and I am going to live there until at least June or July next year when my boyfriend finishes his studies. I am not to excited about moving to a very cloudy and rainy Liverpool after having spent over three years in Spain and I fear that it might be hard for me to stay motivated in the begining.  So I decided already a while ago that I am going to my favorit country Thailand next winter. I have spent many many months, actually over a year there in total and it feels like a second home for me.

This trip differs from my other trips. I don’t want to go there again with out doing any good. So I am going to Volunteer for Isara as I mentioned in other posts. Even though I have this wonderful trip and new experience in quite a near future it is frusrating to sit here and wait for my new life to start. Because it is not until my new life starts that I can prepare for my trip to Thailand.

I have spent the last days updating and improving my English CV because even if I am going to do a second Uni Course in Tourism Studies during autumn I need to get a job. It would not only help me to get a better budget for my trip but also to meet people and make the time pass faster.

I think this is my first personal blog post, more diary like post. There are going to be more of them in the future when I get closer to my departure date for Thailand and for my time with Isara.

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