SOS Children´s Villages

I used to sponsor a girl in Cambodia who lives in a SOS Children´s Villages. After my first visit to Cambodia in 2006 I felt I wanted to do something for the children there, so I contacted SOS Children´s Villages and asked if there was any child I could sponsor. I got a very strange reply in which they told me that they had one girl, but she was not a baby, as most people want to sponsor small children, but she was 14 years old. Why would that matter I asked myself and I started sponsoring her.

In 2007 I went to visit the, at the time, 15 year old girl, her sisters and many other children living in the about 14 different houses in the SOS Children´s Village outside of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Before I arrived there I bought some gifts for the school. I bought some notebooks, pens and other useful things. Visiting the Children´s Village was a very nice experience, and I am said to say that I stopped sponsoring the girl after only two years due to a separation with my boyfriend who was my co-sponsor. I didn´t feel right but at least I knew she had one other sponsor apart from me.

I remember when she saw us coming up to her house and she ran off to her room to get a letter and some photos that we sent her a couple of months earlier. She also showed us her results from school which she was very proud of.

SOS Children´s Villages is the largest orphan and abandoned children´s charity and they claim all the money goes straight to the children and not to any administration fees. If that is really the truth I don´t know. Anybody of you readers know?

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