Free volunteering

One thing that caught my attention when I was clicking around on Isaras webpage is that they don’t charge their volunteers like so many other organisations do. They have the same philosophy as I have. If a person is willing to give up their time to support a good cause, they have already given enough. Kirk Gillock, the founder of Isara  Foundation thinks “that making a difference should not be to expensive. It should be free.”

The reason not to pay for volunteering is that very often a lot of the money does not go straight to charity. They will end up covering expenses like administrative salaries instead. A very good thing about free volunteering is that there is a possibility that the volunteers will contribute financially to the organisation, just because they don’t feel obligated to to do it and it also increases the chances that the money goes straight to the charity projects and the people who actually needs it. Furthermore free volunteering makes it easier for anybody who wants to contribute to do so.



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